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Welcome to MicroStore !

MicroStore ApS was founded in 1998 and acts in the following areas:


Consulting services for setting up companies, business and distributers in EU.

MicroStore ApS assists companies developing, manufacturing and selling technology products and services in setting-up operations in Europe, including EU distributer network.


Scandinavian Exclusive Representative for nanoWorx Inc. ZP2500 electron Beam air cleaning and waste destruction system.

nanoWorx Inc. ZP2500 system is a non-burning, on-site hazardous waste destruction system that uses the Company’s proprietary electron beam technology.

In many cases, the ZP2500 system can reduce the concentration of toxic contaminants by 99.99 percent or more. The system operates at ambient temperatures and is designed to comply with regulatory effluent standards.


EU representative for Technica Inc. Advanced waste logistic systems and complete turn-key solar cell manufacturing plants.

Microstore Aps is representative for Technica specialized in pcb manufacturing, advanced waste handling solutions and complete turn-key solar cell manufacturing plants.


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Your partner for setting up business in EU.

MicroStore ApS is specialized in setting up business in EU for companies located outside EU. MicroStore ApS works with leading specialists in different areas, from market analyses, product approvals to  marketing and sales channel set-up in different EU locations, finance and banking establishment, including lawers and accountants and board members for a secure and winning EU market set-up.

MicroStore ApS is EU representative for Technica Inc. and Scandinavian representative for APS / nanoWorx Inc.